The Catholic University of America

This text is excerpted from the 2013-2014 CUA Announcements. Please refer to the Announcements for further information on academic policies and programs.

Minor in Piano

Qualified students who are pursuing a Bachelor of Music degree at The Catholic University of America with a major in an area other than piano performance may request permission to complete simultaneously a minor in piano. Composition majors may pursue the Bachelor of Music in Composition with Minor in Piano. Admission and curriculum requirements for that program are available in the music office. Undergraduate students pursuing other majors within the music school may request permission to pursue the program described below.

Admission Requirements

Acceptance as a piano minor is granted following successful completion of a 10-minute audition of classical repertoire before a faculty committee of the music school. The audition should consist of three memorized pieces in contrasting tempos and styles.

Program of Study

In addition to completing requirements in the major area, the student must also complete the following requirements to earn a minor in piano.

MUPI ___
Private Instruction: Piano (Jury required each semester)
MUS 153 (154)
MUS 155 (156)
Piano Ensemble (1 credit each)
Piano Sight Reading (1 credit each)
MUS ___, ___
Piano Literature Electives (Piano Pedagogy Electives may replace 3 credits of Piano Literature)
MUS 499C
Piano Minor Recital (45 minutes)
Piano Level VIII
Total Credits for Piano Minor: