The Catholic University of America

This text is excerpted from the 2013-2014 CUA Announcements. Please refer to the Announcements for further information on academic policies and programs.

Minor in Composition

Students who are pursuing a Bachelor of Music or Bachelor of Arts in Music degree at The Catholic University of America with a major in an area other than composition may request permission to complete simultaneously a minor in composition.

Admission Requirements

The student must submit a portfolio of representative scores accompanied by recordings (if available) to the composition faculty of the School of Music. The composition faculty must approve the submitted scores before admission to a composition minor can be approved.

Program of Study

In addition to completing requirements in the major area, the student must also complete the following requirements to earn a minor in composition.


MUPI ___
Private Instruction: Composition (Jury required each semester)
MUS 323 or 381
Orchestration or Advanced Orchestration
If the student has already taken MUS 323, MUS 381 will be substituted.
MUS 404
Composition Seminar (1 credit each)
MUS 434
MUS 473 Introduction to Electronic Composition 1
MUS 499B
Composition Minor Recital (15 minutes of music)
Recital of original compositions. The candidate must participate in the recital as either performer or conductor. At least one work on the graduation recital must have been substantially generated through electronic media. Completed scores (including realizations of electronic scores) for the graduation recital must be submitted no later than 30 days in advance of the recital date.
Total Credits for Composition Minor: