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 Topics in Musical Theatre Methods for Secondary Education

July 6, 2015-July 17, 2015
(independent work completed in following three weeks)

Course Description
A non-degree, three-credit, graduate level course open to students possessing an undergraduate degree in music or the permission of instructor. The course is intended to fill a void in continuing education/professional development for K-12 educators related to musical theatre repertoire. This course includes methods and techniques for producing, directing and conducting successful musicals; and science-based content to support healthy vocal production in students performing all styles of popular and ‘legit’ music prevalent in music theatre repertoire. This course is a one-week course designed to be offered each summer. Prerequisite is an undergraduate degree in music or the permission of instructor.

Course Components

  • Vocal Pedagogy
  • Conducting
  • Directing
  • Basic Design
  • Production

Learning outcomes will be assessed through:

  • the completion of performance assignments throughout the week
  • four hours observation of a professional or instructor-approved music theatre production meeting and/or rehearsal outside of class with a coinciding written submission
  • a comprehensive musical theatre proposal/research project submission due two weeks following the last day of class.


For more information please contact Rachelle Fleming.

(This covers all 3-credits)

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To register for this course (MUS-501B) you must apply online as a non-degree student through Graduate Admissions. Once admitted, further instructions will be given.

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