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 (also called Subconcentration)


Music minor


The approved minors in the School of Music are the Minor in Composition, the Minor in Conducting (Orchestral/Opera), and the Minor in Piano. A student who is majoring in music may not choose a music minor unless the minor has been approved by the music school. 


Non-music minor


The School of Music follows the policies of the School of Arts & Sciences regarding undergraduate minors (subconcentrations). 


Normally, a program of eighteen (18) credits constitutes a minor.  However, since the definition and specification of a minor in a particular subject area is the responsibility of the department/school or program of that subject area, the student must consult with the department/school in question. 


Course substitutions are normally not permitted in a minor.


Pass/Fail courses may not count toward a minor.


No more than two of the six or seven courses constituting a minor may be transferred from other institutions.


In cases where a non-music minor is closely related to the music major, no more than two (2) courses may “overlap” between the major and minor requirements.  The same restriction applies if the minor is in English, Theology, or Philosophy.


A student who is majoring in music may normally complete only one minor.


Procedure to apply:  The student completes the Application for Minor.  The form is available from the music school office.  The music school will retain the form until the student is ready to graduate, at which time the form will be checked against the courses.  If the final senior audit confirms that the student has completed all requirements for the minor, the minor will be posted on the student's transcript.