The Catholic University of America

Information for composition applicants submitting portfolios online

We welcome online submissions of scores and audio files. In order to facilitate the process, please read the guidelines below before uploading your materials. 

If you have any questions, please contact Andrew Simpson.

What you can upload
You can upload scores, audio files, and other relevant documents. 

We recommend that scores be uploaded in pdf format: please note that any single item uploaded must be less than 10 MB.  If you have a large work, or a multi-movement work which exceeds that limit, please separate the score into separate documents (each > 10 MB) to be uploaded separately.

We recommend mp3 format for audio files: please note that, as in the case with scores, each individual file has a size limit of 10 MB.  If you have a file which is larger, even in compressed mp3 format, please break the file into component parts, clearly labeled as directed below.

If you do not have mp3 versions of your files and do not have software to convert, there are free software programs which will accomplish this task.  Audacity is an example of one such free downloadable program to convert audio files.

Labeling items
For consistency, please label every file submitted – regardless of format  - in accordance with this formula:

Composer’s last name/first name/title of piece/movement or part [If applicable].pdf (or .mp3)

If you are submitting a piece or recording broken into more than one part, please indicate this in the file name as well, e.g.:

Last name/first name/title of piece/2of4.pdf (or .mp3) [This would indicate that this is the 2nd of 4 separate files)

Information sheet
So that we are able to locate every item in your portfolio, please include a master sheet which lists all the files submitted. 

If you have video to include in your portfolio, please send us a link (include this link on the master sheet) rather than attempt to send a video file, since the 10 MB limit precludes most files.  Please be sure that the link is operational and not password-protected (or, if protected, please be sure to include the password on the master sheet).

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