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Meet our Student Ambassadors

Our Student Ambassadors are a unique group of outstanding students who help prospective students and their families gain valuable insight into life in the School of Music at The Catholic University of America. They are here to share their love of CUA and the Benjamin T. Rome School of Music, share their personal experiences, and answer any questions you may have from the student perspective.

If you have any questions, please email and indicate which ambassador you feel would be the best contact for you. Someone will be in touch soon!

Alexandra LaMastra

Major: Piano Performance
Year: Sophomore, Class of 2018
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

About Me: I am from a western suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, very close to Valley Forge. I have been playing piano for the past 10 years and have always been an avid music lover. Before coming to CUA, I was homeschooled and was able to learn and enjoy playing both piano and violin. I am so very grateful to be able to be a part of the CUA community by being involved in campus ministry, the honors program and the music school! I plan on graduating with a BM degree in Piano Performance and continue my studies through the doctorate level. Eventually, I hope to have a career performing and teaching at the college level. 

Why I Love CUA: So far, my experience at CUA of being able to combine my faith, music and overall education has exceeded my hopes and expectations. I felt at home as soon as I stepped on campus mostly because of the strong sense of community. I've found both the professors and students to be unbelievably supportive – they never cease to inspire me! Through the music school, I have discovered a very special community of people who are both talented and passionate about what they do and believe. I have been able to learn about and get to know so many different people both inside and outside my major who have led me to a much greater appreciation of music than I ever thought I could have!  I love the CUA campus, the friendly environment, and the many opportunities to get involved.  I can't say enough about how happy I am with my choice, especially with the music program - I absolutely love it here and I can't wait to see what the future holds.

Fun Facts: My favorite composer is Franz Liszt and I love all things Dante and Tolkien! When not practicing, I enjoy traveling (one of my dreams is to visit all 7 continents), movies, classical music, the beach, reading, writing and spending time with friends and family. I also enjoy participating in the homeless food runs and the 9PM Sunday Mass at St. Vinny's. If you have any questions about the audition process or about what it is like at CUA in general, feel free to ask me because I love to talk about it!  


Emma Cooley

Major: Musical Theatre
Year: Sophomore, Class of 2018
Hometown: Ellicott City, MD  

About me: I am from Ellicott City, Maryland (20 minutes from Baltimore), which is 45 minutes away from campus. I have studied dance since the age of three. I was "bit" by the musical theatre "bug" when I was in the third grade as a part of a production of "Annie." I haven't been able to stop dancing, singing, and acting ever since. I chose to study musical theatre and chase after my dreams because I could not imagine doing anything else! It is what I love to do, and I want to make a career out of it.

Why I chose CUA: I chose CUA because their musical theatre program is unique. I get to work on becoming a musician on top of dancing, acting, and singing, which I think is important for the professional world. For example, if I got a callback for a show and was handed music that I needed to prepare within a few hours, I would need to be able to sight read it and play it in order to learn the notes. Because CUA's program requires all students to complete a series of courses in music theory and become proficient in piano, I would be prepared with the necessary skills.

Why I love CUA: I love CUA because there is a great sense of community throughout the music school. Not only do I belong to a great musical theatre family, but I belong to a great music school family. It is nice that everyone gets to meet people outside of their major since everyone takes music theory and is a part of an ensemble in the school of music. Also, there are many opportunities to be involved in the school's productions, whether it is being a part of the cast, crew, or orchestra. From my experience of being in "Carousel," I grew close to my fellow cast members, along with others from the music school on crew and in the orchestra since we were spending a lot of time together during rehearsals. It creates a close community where everyone feels involved and included.

Other campus activities: I am a company member of Pure Alignment, the student-run dance company on campus.

Fun facts: I love Starbucks. You can probably find me there every morning before class (I reached the gold rewards status because of it... oops). I love tap dance. I could do it all day long! Pierogies are my favorite food, but my favorite kind of food is German food. During high school, I was a part of the Madrigals choir, and we wore Renaissance outfits during all of our performances. We even went caroling in them! I also attended the Rockette Summer Intensive for three years before coming to CUA.


Kenneth Lautz

Major: Musical Theatre
Year: Sophomore, Class of 2018
Hometown: Bantam, CT

About me: I'm a freshman Musical Theatre from Bantam, CT. I fell in love with Musical Theatre, and music in general, during my freshman year of high school. From then on, I knew that I wanted to go into music because it became my passion.  

Why I chose CUA: I ultimately chose CUA because they have a phenomenal music program and even at my audition, I felt a very familial environment. Since coming to CUA, I have definitely felt that familial connection and I have made many friends. The MT department has become a great home away from home and I would not trade the friends that I have made for anything.  

Other activities: Outside of the MT department and the Music School, and all of their happenings, I also am in one of the a cappella groups on campus, Redline. I am also in the University's Honors program.


Victoria Corona

Major: Music Education (General-Choral)
Year: Senior, Class of 2016 (transfer)
Hometown:  Derwood, MD

About me: My name is Victoria Corona. I am a transfer student at The Catholic University of America. I am a Music Education Major with a concentration in Choral Music.

Why music: Since elementary school, I have been involved in music. It wasn't until middle school that I found a true passion. That was due to an amazing middle school choral teacher.

Why I chose CUA: I choose CUA for a number of reasons. The main one being the family significance the Basilica and the school had to my family, but also the beautiful campus.

Why I love CUA: I love CUA, and more specifically the school of music, for the students and staff. I have found numerous friends here as well as interesting professors.

Fun Facts: I sang with the National Philharmonic Chorale at Strathmore for three seasons; I love to salsa dance! And I speak Spanish fluently.

Elizabeth Andrew

Major: Musical Theatre
Year: Sophomore, Class of 2018
Hometown: Holland, MI

Why I chose/love CUA: Right from the beginning CUA caught my eye. I am constantly surrounded by people who inspire me to be a better person, and a better performer. From the faculty to the student body, CUA is one large and loving community that everyone feels welcomed into the moment they walk on campus. On top of all that, the musical theatre training that I am receiving at this school is preparing me for the life I want to lead. I am being trained by professionals who are out in the community working as well. It is as if I am at a small conservatory with room to explore other classes if I so desire! 

Fun Fact: Even though musical theatre is my passion and I love dancing, singing and dressing up, I am also a first degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. So don't let anyone tell you that theatre kids aren't tough! I am also a HUGE fan of naps. If there was a napping Olympics, you could bet your bottom dollar I would take gold!?


Chris Gleason

Major: Musical Theatre
Year: Freshmen, Class of 2019
Hometown: Wyomissing, PA

About me: I live in Wyomissing, PA, about two and a half hours away from CUA. I started doing theatre sophomore year of high school and now I can't think of doing anything else as a career.

Why I chose CUA: I chose CUA because of the strong sense of community and the fantastic program. During the audition process I had absolutely no clue what I was doing. In the midst of all the stress and anxiety, CUA made me feel welcome. 

Why I love CUA: I love everything I'm involved in here and everyone is extremely talented. The faculty is great too! Also, we live in DC! There is a huge amount of opportunities for theatre here.

Fun Facts: I was born in Grand Juntion, Colorado and have three sisters named Erica, Elaina, and Grace

Meredith Eib

Major: Musical Theater
Year: Junior, Class of 2017
Hometown: Kingston, New Hampshire

About Me:  Originally from the Seacoast of New Hampshire (about an hour north of Boston), I’m loving my experiences in DC and studying what I love at CUA!  I’ve had a wide range of performing experiences from singing at televised NASCAR races, to performing “The Prayer” with singer Josh Groban, to being a local titleholder for the Miss America Organization.  In addition to performance, I love to play the piano, celebrate my faith and volunteer for service projects in our community.  In the summer, I work for a repertory theater in New Hampshire, directing and creating children’s theater and teaching various workshops on the different aspects of music and theater performance.  After my time here at CUA, I hope to spend some time doing long-term service and work towards a graduate degree so that I can teach at the secondary school level; ideally building a music and theater program at a school that doesn’t have one. 

Why I chose CUA: I chose CUA because it was the only school that met my wide range of interests. I feel like I am getting incredible training musically, I am part of a community, I am able to take classes outside of my major, be actively involved with my faith and serve the community in a wide range of ways. I only toured here for two hours on a cold, rainy February day during my junior year but when making the college decision, it was the only school that was sticking on my mind and heart. 

Why I love CUA: So far, I love CUA because I am able to work with incredibly talented people every day who constantly push me and inspire me to improve my own art yet I am also with people who are incredible examples of faith and what it means to be a good friend. I am constantly in awe of the wide range of amazing people and experiences I have here at CUA.

Fun facts: In addition to spending approximately 30 hours a week in the classroom as an MT major, I have fallen in love with the many communities and on campus groups at CUA.  I was a member of CUA’s Freshman Retreat Team, I spend my Wednesday nights with the mentally handicapped at Bethlehem House and am a current buddy through CUA’s Best Buddies chapter, I love to visit the elderly at Little Sisters of the Poor, and share my faith with my dorm’s Renew Group.  I am a certified campus ambassador for Catholic Relief Services and love working for social justice causes on campus.  I also love to cantor at Sunday Mass!  

Alexandra De Bard

Major: Musical Theatre
Year: Sophomore, Class of 2018
Hometown: Poughkeepsie, NY

About me: My name is Alexandra De Bard and I am a Freshman Musical Theatre major! I LOVE CUA!

Why I chose CUA: I have always loved doing Musical Theatre and when I was looking for a place to grow in my craft, I knew immediately that CUA was the place to do just that. Everyone is so supportive and close, and the faculty here is unlike any other. CUA also offers so many opportunities to explore other campus activities outside your major. 

Other activities: I am a member of Redline Acappella!

Leanna Pizzo

Major: Music Education (General-Choral)
Year: Senior, Class of 2016
Hometown: Brookfield, CT

Why music education: I chose to study music education because some of the most influential people in my life have been my music teachers. I want to inspire students like my music teachers have always inspired me.  

What I love about CUA: Being in the music school has challenged me to becoming a better musician while also helping me grow as a person. At CUA there is opportunity for everyone both on and off campus; always something going on and always something to do!  

Other activities: Outside of the music school I am on the rugby team and work in the Centennial Village residence hall Office. 


Audrey Enright

Major: Musical Theatre
Year: Sophomore, Class of 2018
Hometown: St. Louis, MO 

About Me: I am from St. Louis, Missouri and am a freshman at CUA getting my Bachelor of Music in Musical Theatre. Since the age of three, I have loved singing and dancing—specifically performing on our family room coffee table. I began doing musicals in sixth grade and have never stopped since. Besides theatre, I have been playing piano since age seven and am an endorphin junky. I love to run and go to yoga when I have free time.  

Why I Chose CUA: I fell in love immediately with the conservatory style of CUA's program. I love how almost all of my classes are centered around music or dance, yet I can still have the option to try classes outside of my major. I also really love how I can pursue a musical degree but still get to experience the typical college life. But, the main reason I chose it was the sense of family you get the moment you walk on campus. Within a week of going here, I already had found my place and felt like I fully belonged to this wonderful family away from home.